Saturday, April 16, 2016

Paragon Game Formulas List

Community Kit Data Sheets
Raw Formula Calculations:

Life Steal

((LSR​+LL on target)/100) x Damage) as base healing power
LSR= life steal rating
LL=life leach (a debuff some cards give mobs like one says "when you hit an enemy with an ability apply 20 life leach) 

so say you have 100 LSR and hace stacked 50 LL on the mobs, you hit 200 basic attack life steal will be (100+50)/100*200 = 1.5*200= 300

if i want to replace my healing pot at 210 (14ptsx15sec) then i need to get ((LSR+LL)/100)xDmg = 210. 
(8+C) = 8 points on cards, c = additional points from cards
33 = twin blast base attack damage

Brand of the Ironeater Card:
(((8)+0)/100x33 = 2.64 per hit
(((8+8)+0)/100x33 =5.28 per hit
(((8+8+12)+0)/100x33= 9.24 per hit
((8+8+12+4)+0)/100x33 =10.5 per hit
((8+12+12+12+4)+0)/100x33 = 15.84 per hit

Flash Fire Piston:

damage = 7.6+15.2+15.2+15.2 +base 33= 86.2 damage
attack speed = 13

Twin Blast: BAT = 1.0005 lvl 1                   ASR = 100 lvl 1

Attack Speed: (100/ASR​) x BAT​=Adj. Atk Time

Brand of the Ironeater Card + Flash Fire Piston:

Twin Blast with above cards: (100/100+13​) x 1.0005​= 0.8853982300884956
so 10.5 health per .88539 seconds
which is close to 14 pts but not quit

max at .4 so

(100/100+Y) x 1.0005 = .4

Y = 150 attack speed points to get to .4 seconds

Flash Fire Piston 3x major strike upgrades:

damage = 7.6+22.7+22.7 + 22.7 = 75.77 + base 33= 108.77 damage
attack speed = 13


(((8+12+12+12+4)+0)/100x108.77 = 52.2096 heal per hit
which would be 52 health points per .0.8853982300884956 seconds

Just for fun:

say you got a crit going off(((8+12+12+12+4)+0)/100x300 = 144 per hit (per .79 seconds)
or crazy crits ((8+12+12+12+4)+0)/100x800 = 384 per hit per .8 seconds

Adament Edge
damage = 7.58+22.7+22.7 + 22.7  + 15.15 = 90.9 + base 33= 123.9 damage

attack speed = 0

123.9 damage per 1.0005 seconds

so what about 
2x Adament Edge with 2 point strike upgrades:
card costs: 18
136.4 points of damage per 1.0005 seconds

2x Flash Fire Pistons with 2 point strike upgrades
card costs: 16
damage = 106.1
attack speed = 26

(100/100+26) x 1.0005​= 0.79 seconds

106.1 points of damage per 0.79 seconds

2x Adament Edge (2 point strike upgrade) + Red Eye Nitro (1 Brutal Kinetic x2 Major Wound) 
card costs: 29
attack speed: 32.5
(100/100+32.5) x 1.0005​= 0.76 seconds

136.4 points of damage per 0.76 seconds

2x Flash Fire Pistons (2 point strike upgrade) + Red Eye Nitro (1 Brutal Kinetic x2 Major Wound) + Healing Pot
card costs: 28
damage = 106.1
attack speed = 58.5

(100/100+58.5) x 1.0005​= 0.63 seconds

106.1 points of damage per 0.63 seconds


(Base Power Healing) x HealingBonusSource x HealingBonusTarget

Attack Speed

(100/ASR​) x BAT​=Adj. Atk Time

Currently capped at .4 seconds on all heroes or 2.5 hits a second.


DMG​=AoERating x



Resists(Percent reduction)


Resists(Effective Health)

FRR * ​(100/(100+((DHL​­1)*10))

BP​=Base Power

BAT = Basic Attack Time

ARC​=ATT. Rating Coefficient

AR​=ATT. Rating

DBS​=Damage Bonus Source=1 (default)

DBT​=Damage Bonus Target=1 (default)

DR​=DMG Resistance=0 (default)

LMB​: ARC​=BAT​(Base Attack Time)

LMB​: Base Power=0

(Ability Damage % + DBS​)

Ability: ARC​=0

ER​=Energy Resist Rating

EP​=Energy Penetration Rating

PR​=Physical Resist Rating

PP​=Physical Penetration Rating

FRR​=Fina Resist Rating, this is the value after pen has been subtracted.

DHL​=Defending Hero's Level

LL= life leach

Saturday, March 26, 2016

In Memory Of the Best FPS gaming headset EVER -- Turtle Beach Ear Force X-52 Circumaural 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Ear Force X-52 Circumaural 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

BEST HEADSET EVER EVER EVER made for $50. I miss them so much. The crap turtle beach puts out now doesnt even compare to this headset.

I had gotten another turtle beach headset that was supposed to be comparable: Turtle Beach Ear Force Z11 but was GARBAGE and I sent them back.
These did the job for the price but the hum and mic really brought me down. :( I dont think I would buy them again unless I kept getting crap like the z11

Friday, February 26, 2016

Clash of Clans Wall Breakers Stuff

I started playing Clash of The Clans and wanted to track some game facts for quick reference:


Wall Breaker Counters:

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

BF4 Video of FairFight100 (player id: 1742155789) hacking with flying shooting flare (wth?!!)

Headlines: Flying Flare Kills Gamer!!!

This guy had a flying flare that was shooting people, I kid you not. He was czardonney but changed his name. Look at that kdr! 20.35 and most kills with a flare. Go figure right. 

Here is the video of him hacking I recorded and put on in case the quality is better on one than the other:


Twitch Highlight:

So far the only way to track him is by using his battle report which has his player id: 1742155789

This was the report that goes with the video:

So I can track him easier since he keeps changing his name:

I reported him on 2/3/2016. Lets see how long this one takes.

Update 2/8/2016: His score hasn't moved and the rest of his data looks the same. I chatted with a EA guy on the forums and he said they dont mark accounts banned so it would be hard to tell. He said if the guy is ban it might be an indicator if the persons stats dont change. If this is the case then he got banned pretty quick in my opinion. I'll keep checking for a while and see.

Friday, January 29, 2016

BF4 DrizzleDck Hacking Video:

BF4 DrizzleDck Hacking Video:

Other information.

He then goes on to link to the hacks and gives some name? ricknzl ??

I made a post on the battlefield for PC with his name and link to my blog but they locked it and renamed it because they have a no shaming policy come to find out.

When I posted a hacker like this on the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 forums they didnt do anything to the thread and the guy was banned in about 4 days after i reported him.

I then opened created another post not naming him but wanted a way to let people see how long it takes to get someone banned.

  • Day 3 and he is still not banned. Level 13 and kdr up to 16.87 now.
  • Day 5 and doesnt seem to be banned but stats seem to be same as day 3 so he must not be playing this account.
Update 2/8/2016: His stats havent moved since day 5 so it seems on Day 5 he got banned may be.

Got this off the forum post from a guy. Thought it interesting on a way to report hackers.

If you have good footage of someone hacking take it to fairfight as they do listen and deal with reported hackers.. Post it on reddit and call in #fairfightdark. (not sure if there is any other way to report direct to them) 

Some one picked up my vid and posted it to reddit which resulted in a ban 10 mins after #fairfight dark was called in to have a look at it. Player was also reported to EA via Battlelog by me and many others but i dont think it was even looked into as player did not get a stat reset. (and still has not 1 year on). 

Ea seem to ignore reports and just leave it to punkbuster and fairfight. 

GG Fairfight, 

822-15 on locker was legit by EA standards.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

OBS Battle Field 4 Settings for Twitch Adventure

Trying to get the best quality with the setup I have. 

Video sample of these settings: 

Current Set up:


Gaming PC Specs:

  • Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition
    *Gigabyte 980 GTX 4G 1137/7020/MhZ
  • i5 (@4.7Ghz)
  • Corsair Hydro H60 Water Cooling
  • 32Gig Team Dark Memory @1600Mhz
  • 27" 2ms ASUS 144Mhz.
  • 20" Dell S2009W on main board
  • 2x Intel 160GB ssd primary raid 0
  • Samsung 520GB ssd.
  • Western Digital 1TB 5200rpm HD
  • Sound Blaster Z PCIe Gaming Sound Card


  • MIONIX NAOS 8200 Multi-Color Ergonomic Laser Mouse.
  • Razer Tartarus Chroma Game pad
  • TRITTON Pro+ True 5.1 Surround Headset
  • DXRacer Chair Mount Ego Mouse Tray ARMREST (Red)
  • Generic Keyboard
  • Broke A$$ Chair (saving for this one)

Streaming PC Specs: (needs upgrades)

  • Windows 10 Enterprise Edition
  • 9800 gt 512MB 256bit 648/950MHz
  • i7 920 @2.67GHz
  • 12GIG Micron Tech Memory @667Mhz
  • Seagate 500GB Sata 3 HD
  • Elgato HD60 Pro Capture Card
  • 20" HP 2009m
  • 22" ViewSonic VX2262wm Series
Get BF4 Stream working Properly
  • Major:Graphics Quality to satisfactory
  • Major: frame rate satisfactory
  • Major:Tearing no frames of walls
  • Major:Buffering on Phones
  • Minor: Cam is sluggish

Current OBS Settings: